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Caviar Pre Roll


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Caviar Pre Roll

Our Colorado Breeders Depot Caviar Pre Roll joint is the perfect way to enjoy maximum cannabinoids. We have carefully combined our best CBD flower with bubble hash and our renowned CBD Kief to provide our customers with the best smoking experience possible.

We provide the greatest indoor smokable hemp flower in the business, as many of our customers can confirm, and our CBD Kief is amazing. You will adore the result when bubble hash is added to the mixture!

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Caviar Pre-Rolls Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

CBD flower joint pre roll
We start with hemp flower that tests highly in both CBD and CBG. Hand-picking the perfect size buds allows us to quality control the uniformity of what goes into a Caviar joint. We dunk these top-tier nugs in a bath of bubble hash oil, which is a specialty of our head grower made entirely in-house. And if that wasn’t enough of a potency boost, we then roll the still-wet buds in a healthy dusting of CBD-rich kief pulled directly off our premium hemp flower.

These additions make for a terpene-heavy, slow smoke. The hash oil makes everything smoke much more slowly and provides a cigar-like quality evenness in burn quality. All the extra cannabinoids and terpenes make this an exercise is flavor potential when it comes to premium hemp flower.

An ultimate trifecta of hemp goodness, rich with CBD, CBG and a wide array of terpenes. We recommend you don’t try and take this bad boy down in one sitting.

We promise that there is no presence of fish eggs in our luxury pre-rolls. Instead, in the same way that sturgeon eggs labeled as “caviar” are seem by many as the highest-end food someone can eat, our bubble hash oil-soaked, kief-dusted chunky monster pre-roll is seen by hemp consumers as the highest-end hemp flower one can consume.

Originally gaining recognition and popularity in the 1980’s, bubble hash is a solventless extracted created through using ice water to agitate and extract trichomes from hemp plant material. One of the cleanest extraction methods and a favorite of cannabis purists everywhere, bubble can appear both dark and oily or ultra-light beige depending on the quality of plant material used and the size of the micron filter used to sift out the trichomes.
Most bubble has tests between 30-60% cannabinoid potency, which is not as strong as something like our CBD shatter but due to the solventless, pure extraction, the effects are often described as cleaner, stronger and purer than flower alone or solvent-based extracts.

CBD Pre Rolls

Exponentially different. Regular hemp flower, no matter how much love and care it receives, can never naturally produce the potency of cannabinoids found in a Caviar joint. This product should last much longer than a standard pre-roll and provide quicker effects compared to just rolling a joint at home with our flower.
As such, for someone trying this for the first time, consider taking smaller puffs initially to see how the hash-doused bud feels on the inhale. This is very strong, even for hemp smoking veterans.

Yes! Our Caviar pre-rolls are overflowing with flavor thanks to all the additional terpenes added to the regular flower. Because these additional terps are harvested from potentially different strains, the terpene content varies quite a bit. This leads to unique combinations and ratios of terpenes that you simply cannot encounter naturally in any hemp flower. Every batch of Caviar produced has a slightly different flavor, but it is always a culmination of most major terpene, creating a smokey taste that needs to be experienced by anyone who considers themselves a high-end hemp consumer.

We can never guarantee any effects or specific outcomes when it comes to consuming hemp flower or cannabinoid extracts. But, with the clear potency superiority, we would be shocked if you felt nothing. CBD and CBG can synergize with each other and send both mood-boosting chemicals through the body by increasing GABA and anandamide in the brain. CBG’s uplifting, sativa-like subtlety mixing with the potency of our kief and bubble hash’s CBD content creates a perfect storm of receptor-friendly cannabinoid activation. A puff or two can be energizing while smoking half of the entire pre-roll can more than likely lead a seriously sedative effect.