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Cherry Wine CBD Non-Feminized Seeds

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Cherry Wine CBD Seeds – Non Feminized

Cherry Wine is a highly sought-after strain of hemp due to her potent sweet, floral, and fruity terpenes. Some outdoor farmers had trouble growing Cherry Wine in earlier years because of hermaphroditing plants or extremely high non-compliant cannabinoid content. However, with careful cultivation, this strain can produce beautifully fragrant and CBD-rich flowers.

Cherry Wine is a Sativa-dominant hemp strain that is prized for its stable genetics and high CBD content. This strain was bred by crossing and stabilizing the original Cherry Wine CBD Seeds in our breeding program. Cherry Wine can dominate a hemp field, with plants growing taller than indica crosses while establishing thicker, sturdier stalks. Farmers can harvest her flower on day 60 or earlier to maintain THC compliance, or allow her to develop thicker buds and higher cannabinoids all the way past day 70. Cherry Wine’s floral flavors make her more attractive to the oil market, particularly for terpene extraction, while her strong Sativa genetics make her less desirable for the smokable flower market.

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