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Delta 8 THC Live Resin Vape Cartridge – OG Kush

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D8 THC Live Resin OG Kush Vape Cartridge

Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is known for its freshness, potency, and high quality. This extract is made by flash freezing the marijuana plant and then extracting the compounds, which results in more terpene content being left intact. Our new D8 THC Live Resin OG Kush Vape Cartridge is perfect for those looking to experience the healing effects of cannabis.

Cannabis concentrates come in many forms, each with its own unique properties. One of the most popular types of concentrates is live resin. Live resin is made from freshly harvested plants that are flash-frozen and then extracted. This process allows for the complete preservation of the plant’s trichomes and terpenes, resulting in a product that is rich in flavor and aroma. In addition to its great taste, live resin also offers a number of other benefits. For example, it is said to be more potent than other types of cannabis concentrates, making it ideal for those who are looking for a powerful healing effect. So if you’re looking for a concentrate that is both flavorful and potent, be sure to check out live resin – you won’t be disappointed!

The D8 THC Live Resin OG Kush Vape Cartridge is a hybrid with a terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. OG Kush should smell like lemon-pine-fuel with a high-THC, mixed head and body effect. The great thing about this product is that it is great tasting with no funny aftertaste. Another great thing is it’s easy to use. You just screw on the cartridge and start vaping! This cartridge contains 1 gram of pure live resin. This powerful indica-dominant hybrid provides full-body relaxation with cerebral invigoration. Thanks to its high THC content, OG Kush is perfect for treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

  1. Lincoln White

    This OG Kush cart is definitely gas. One of the top vapes I have tried.

  2. Maverick Sanchez

    This whole line of Live Resin carts is insane! But this OG, oh my gosh. Words can’t express how good the flavor is. The taste stays on my tongue for hours on end.

  3. Thomas Harris

    Absolutely amazing experience with this company. Their flower is best in class and these vapes are of the charts. Quality experience every step of the way.

  4. Dylan Thompson

    You guys really brought that old school “OG” back with this vape. This is by far my favorite vape now! Thank you for continuing to deliver excellent products.

  5. Elias Clark

    As soon as I looked at the beautiful clarity and color of the resin I knew I was in for a treat. 5/5 on the flavor, you guys really nailed this one.

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