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Full Spectrum Batter Goodnight Globs


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Full Spectrum Delta 8 Concentrate

Searching for a delta 8 concentrate that packs a punch? Good Night Glob Batter is your perfect choice! Made with a proprietary blend of delta 8 THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN, this full spectrum concentrate is long-lasting and has an amazing flavor profile. Terpenes derived from cannabis give Good Night Glob its distinct taste and smell, making it irresistible to dabbers everywhere. So don’t wait – try Good Night Glob Batter today!

Looking for a cannabis concentrate that will last? Look no further than Good Night Glob Batter! This concentrate has a thick, sticky consistency that is similar to cake batter or frosting. It is classified as a wax, but it is much thicker and stickier than budder. Good Night Glob Batter usually has a light blonde color, but it can range in hue from light blonde to deep gold. The effects of this concentrate are very potent and long lasting. So if you need some serious relief or just want to relax and unwind for a long period of time, Good Night Glob Batter is the perfect choice!

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