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Green Melon D9 Gummies – 100MG

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Green Melon D9 Gummies

Do you ever feel like you need an alternative to smoking? Introducing Green Melon D9 Gummies. With a THC content of less than .3%, these gummies are 100% federally compliant and let you enjoy the benefits of THC without any smoke. Made with three delicious flavors- cherry, green melon, and pineapple- each gummy has 100mg of D9 THC. Each candy is 10mg THC, so they’re very potent and long-lasting. They’re also vegan-friendly!

  1. Samuel Mitchell

    I love how potent these gummies are. I thought I would need a few to feel something but that’s not the case. 1 gummy will definitely have you feeling amazing. Great product!

  2. Mason Nelson

    These D9 gummies are the best sleep aid. I take 2 for the best 8 hours of sleep ever. Keep in mind I do have a high tolerance for cannabis. I highly recommend this as an alternative to sleeping pills.

  3. Sebastian Baker

    I love these THC gummies. It only takes 1 to get a really nice and relaxing high. I will definitely purchase more of these.

  4. Ethan Hall

    I was super happy with my purchase. These have become my favorite edibles, they make me feel so good and relaxed.

  5. Logan Rivera

    I use cannabis for pain management and since I don’t have my Med card I have to shop recreationally for my cannabis but it is so expensive. I love that I still have the option of buying a lab-tested THC product without breaking the bank or buying in the streets. Thank you Colorado Breeders Depot.

  6. Owen Campbell

    Placed an order for a few packs of D9 gummies. Got free shipping and a free pre-roll. I love this company.

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