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Jack Herer Strain

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  • 100% Indoor Grown
  • Slow Dried
  • 30-Day Glass Cured
  • Hand Trimmed
  • Third-Party Lab Tested

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Jack Herer Strain

The marijuana strain Jack Herer is a mixture of varieties of cannabis. It is renowned for being highly potent and offering the strongest high. Jack Herer is commonly employed to treat medical ailments like depression, anxiety and chronic pain. The Indica dominant strain offers distinct flavor that is characterized by hints of spicy herbs and pine. If smoked or vaporized users may feel an increase in their head, which is that is followed by feelings of happiness and inspiration. A few users have reported feeling energized and uplifted after taking the Jack Herer CBD.

While this cannabis strain can be employed during the daytime and at night, it could also help with insomnia because it induces the feeling of relaxation and drowsiness when taken in large enough quantities. Like with all cannabis varieties it is crucial to begin with a low dosage and gradually increase to avoid adverse reactions such as fear or anxiety.

Overall Jack Herer CBD can be described as a cult strain that is well-known for its potent effects and distinctive flavor profile. Its stimulating and energizing effects make it an ideal option for use during the day as well as its ability to relax can aid in the treatment of insomnia. People who are using this strain should be cautious and begin with an extremely low dosage to avoid any adverse consequences.

What are the possible health benefits of using the CBD of Jack Herer?

The potential health benefits of the use of Jack Herer CBD are reduction in depression, anxiety and chronic pain in addition to more restful sleep and better cardiovascular health. In addition the Jack Herer CBD could help safeguard the brain from the damage that can be that is caused by strokes or other traumas.

Exciting, right? You’d be crazy not to try Jack Herer CBD to reap all the benefits! Remember that further studies are needed to understand the full impact of CBD on human bodies. Always consult your physician prior to starting any new supplement regimen. Enjoy your healing!

What was the process of growing Jack Herer CBD developed?

When it comes to cultivating top-quality cannabis The Colorado Breeders Depot team knows exactly what they’re doing. Their Jack Herer Strain isn’t an exception. It is grown in a top-of-the-line indoor climate controlled facility each bud from this strain receives the greatest attention and care. The buds are not only slowly dried and then cured for at least thirty days inside glass containers however, each one is manually cut to ensure maximum quantity and quality.

If you’re in search of an CBD strain that has a punch in terms of flavor and effects Look no further than The Colorado Breeders Depot’s Jack CBD. Be sure to trust us when we say that you taste buds (and your body) will be grateful.

  1. Joshua Porch

    I got this as part of the $99 Greenhouse deal. It was one of the strongest smelling flowers out of the 4 that came in the package. It is potent and a high energy clearheaded effect, a definite sativa! Buds look great, and are on the lighter/airy side but some sativas are just naturally like that. It is a little dry but that’s not a big deal to me. Overall a great flower that I’m going to be using before yard work, house work, or when I need energy at night time and it’s too late to take more caffeine. I’d rate it a 4.5/5 overall as far as the quality of the flower, but it’s even more amazing due to the cost per OZ.

  2. Robert Cross

    Quick delivery, saved my time, especially during the lockdown. I’d highly recommend Colorado Breeders to anyone in search of hemp flower that they give Jack Herer a try.

  3. Christopher Hill

    I was suggested hemp flower usage by my friend to treat my arthritis and I ordered half a ounce of Jack Herer from Colorado Breeders Depot. The results are fantastic and I’m a regular buyer ever since my first order in April.

  4. Alex g (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great quality I bought the 1lb and it was fresh, so perfect for rosin dabs.

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