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Sunset Sherbert Strains

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  • 100% Indoor Grown
  • Slow Dried
  • 30-Day Glass Cured
  • Hand Trimmed
  • Third-Party Lab Tested

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Federal Farm Bill Compliant

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Sunset Sherbert CBD Strains

This CBD flower strain is unique for its bouquet of colors, smells, and effects. The deep purple buds are accented by bright green spots and draped in a thick layer of sticky trichomes. A premium hemp flower, Sunset Sherbert delivers a balanced uplifting and calming effect. Unlike most indica dominant CBD flower strains, she is an ideal daytime flower because she can calm anxiety while supporting alertness. Enjoy her strong sweet berry taste with an undercurrent of earthy candy flavors. Colorado Breeders Depot is here to provide you the best CBD flower anywhere!

  1. Joshua Edwards

    This is my favorite strain you carry hands down! Such a great flavor it reminds me of the old school strain “trainwreck”. I’m ordering more right away!

  2. Nathan Collins

    Great CBD flower. Definitely indoor grown. The look, flavor and smell are all on point.

  3. Santiago Morales

    I really enjoyed this flower I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

  4. Aaron Cook

    Just received my first order from this company and I am thrilled. The bud is so fresh and proper. Very high quality flower. I am very impressed with my order. Thank you so much.

  5. Adrian Stewart

    I took advantage of the BOGO sale to try some higher quality flower than I usually order. I couldn’t believe the difference between this and what I’ve been smoking. This is far superior to what I have been ordering. I will be ordering again very soon.

  6. Nolan Reyes

    Ordered my package on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday. Beautiful nugg presentation in the glass. The appearance and nose are exceptional. Very impressed with your bud.

  7. Angel Gutierrez

    I give this bud 2 thumbs up! Very good quality!

  8. Ryan Rogers

    Looks great. Tastes great. Smells great. 5/5

  9. Cameron Morris

    This bud is amazing. I can’t believe it’s not real THC. There is literally no way to tell. Great tight buds and full of crystals. Y’all killing it!

  10. Eli Murphy

    My wife and I love this company. Everything we try is amazing. But I have to tell you this Sunset Sherbert is something very special. Thank you for being awesome!

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