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Non-Feminized Seed Tri-Crop Seeds for Fiber, Grain and CBD

As the hemp industry matures, optimizing all the potential of the incredible hemp plant while keeping costs low will be crucial to profitability.

Our tri-crop varietal is the result of years of careful selective breeding and produces strong yields of fiber, grain and CBD.

This variety was developed to be direct-seeded, planted densely and grown using traditional methods farmers are already familiar with. At a much cheaper seed cost, it is an affordable option designed to optimize yields while lowering costs on large scale plantings.

And come harvest time, you’ll have three, affordably-produced crops to sell.

Read more about the potential of hemp and how tri-crop hemp varietals will fulfill that promise..

Hemp Grain is a Superfood Perfect for Animals and Humans

Hemp grain is exceptionally high in protein, healthy fats and minerals earning its reputation as a ‘superfood.’ Used as whole seed, hemp hearts, for oil and protein powder; global and U.S. market demand for hemp grain for human consumption is predicted to increase rapidly. And hemp grain products are also great for animals. Hemp meal, by-products from pressing the grain for human use, is already being tested for animal feed regimes and on the pathway to approval.

Uses for Hemp Fiber are Limitless

The demand for U.S. hemp fiber is skyrocketing as the supply chain and processing infrastructure has started to develop.

The hemp plant produces two types of fiber — premium ‘bast’ fibers highly sought after in textiles plus short ‘hurd’ fibers used in everything from insulation to hempcrete, to paper products and even bio-plastics. Many predict the hemp fiber industry to eventually outstrip hemp cannabinoids.

Breeding to Meet the “Tri-Crop” Needs

At Colorado Breeders Depot, we are very proud of our newly-released tri-crop non-feminized hemp varietal ‘Boax.’ This is a selection we’ve been working with for years and will start filling the need for reliable, tri-crop hemp genetics.

In average conditions, Boax produces an impressive average of:

No Need to Worry about Accidental Pollination

Unlike growing for cannabinoids – when pollination is avoided at all costs to ensure female-only flowers – with tri-crop varietals, a hemp farmer WANTS to produce pollen to create a grain crop. This means the worry of avoiding potential cross-pollination (from a rogue male or a neighboring crop) is gone.

Growing Tri-Crop Hemp Is Easier and Cheaper

When planting for hemp fiber, best practices are to direct-seed your crop much more densely to encourage tall, straight stalks. This has the added advantage of quickly creating a dense canopy and shading out weeds.

Cultivation requirements and weed-control are easily mechanized with equipment most farmers already have. Tri-crop hemp varieties are grown in methods similar to producing corn or other commodity crops, using the same equipment with hemp-specific modifications.

Added up all together, our tri-crop varietal Boax offers the diversity of multiple revenue streams; ease, efficiency, and low-cost production; no worries about cross-pollination; plus reliably high yields across all three classes — food, fiber, and pharma!