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State of The Art Certified Lab Processing and Extraction

Hemp production

A great hemp harvest doesn’t mean much without a trustworthy lab.

We know this first-hand because it’s happened to us. That’s why we vertically integrated and brought in a lab partner running the best industry extraction procedures.

Our California lab is fully certified and runs a cryogenic ethanol extraction and THC remediation process. Instead of trying and ‘pull out’ THC — that’s almost impossible — like most labs conduct THC remediation, we’ve developed a new process. Our lab converts THC to a highly sought after and legal cannabinoid — CBN.

The result? A THC-free, CBN rich, clean and high-quality crude oil.

Whether you are looking for a lab to sell your hemp biomass or send it for extraction, we trust our lab to be a partner in your success.

Contact us to learn more about our lab partner services. Or ask about our Breeders Network Buy Back Program.