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Wholesale CBD and CBG Feminized Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds

All farmers, whether you are big or small, need to trust the seed they buy. Too often ‘feminized’ hemp seeds have been anything but.

Colorado Breeders Depot’s Wholesale CBD and CBG feminized hemp seeds are the result of taking the time to breed the best and dedication to doing it right.

We start with out-crossing and hand-picking for at least five generations. We select strains testing high in the targeted cannabinoids and low in compliant THC.

Once we have a stable gene pool, we cross female-produced pollen back to our female hemp plants.

With stable genetics to start with and all-female pollen, we create 100 percent feminized hemp seeds.

Our 2020 Bulk CBD and CBG feminized seed selection.

How We Grow our Wholesale CBD and CBG Hemp Seed

You’ll hear it over and over again. Successful hemp farming starts with great genetics.And that’s been hard to find when it comes to industrial hemp seed.

From taking our time to do it right, to making sure we have the facilities and infrastructure to make good on our promise, we’re laser-focused on creating the best genetics and producing the most reliable hemp seeds possible.

Feminized Hemp Seeds Start with Stabilized Genetics

Before we even think about producing feminized seed for sale, we make sure we have a stable genetic pool.

Why? Because stressed plants revert to their origins. And the closer they are to the source, the easier they revert in field-stress conditions.

Once we have that stable gene pool, we chemically induce female plants to create pollen. Then we cross that female-produced pollen back to our female hemp plants. This allows us to ensure 100 percent feminized seeds.

Start with Low THC Genetics to Ensure Total THC Compliance

Nothing is worse than a hemp crop that goes ‘hot.’ We predicted non-compliant THC was going to be a problem with hemp genetics that bred ‘down’ from high THC cannabis strains and unfortunately that proved to be the case for many hemp farmers in 2019.

Even multiple generations out, when a plant is stressed, there is still that potential for a THC spike reflecting its genetic origins. That’s why we went the other route.

Instead of working on breeding out THC, we started with industrial fiber hemp varietals, already low in THC. Then we bred those varieties for high CBD or CBG without the THC spike.

When those plants are stressed, they don’t have that originally high THC genetic background to revert to.

This equals peace of mind for you. Even when field conditions go south, you’ve planted the best possible genetics to weather the storm.

An Indoor Growing Facility Produces the Best Hemp Flower

Once you have stable genetics, the next step is to produce the best hemp seeds in optimum conditions.

That’s why we produce our wholesale CBD and CBG seed in a state-of-the-art, 24,000 square-foot controlled environment facility.

We grow out all our strains outdoors for multiple generations, recording their responses to field stress and keeping careful records that helps us to select the best.

But when it comes time to produce the seed we sell you, we want to ensure it is created in the best possible conditions.

All of our hemp flower is carefully monitored, nurtured and grown to peak performance before we pollinate for seed production.

The better the mother plant is, the stronger the next generation of seed will be.

Indoor Growing Means We Have 100 Percent Control Over Pollination

Nothing is scarier for a dedicated hemp seed grower than the thought of stray or unwanted hemp pollen fertilizing our carefully selected plants. Considering hemp pollen can spread up to 30 miles on a steady breeze and more and more farmers are planting hemp, this is a genuine concern.

That’s the final reason we only grow out our seed in a wholly protected indoor environment. No chance of stray crosses jeopardizing our genetics and your potential crop!